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Find Your “Wilson”

STEP 1 – Cut The Negatives It may seem obvious, but here’s a little reminder: If you want to be successful and happy, surround yourself with positive people. I’m not talking about people that are upbeat and happy (don’t worry, they’re important too), but rather I’m referring to people that cause a positive change in […]



No matter what industry you’re in, when you see your ‘competition’ you have a choice – you can either be inspired by their talent, or crumble in the thought that you’ll never be as good as them. It’s a lot easier to crumble, to become dejected, to give up… But that wouldn’t do much good […]


My Atychiphobia

It’s taken me a long time to figure this out, but I’ve been riddled with a phobia that’s actually stunted me my whole life – the fear of failure, or as is technically called: Atychiphobia. Of course when you think about it, failure is either subjective or objective. Some people only have issues with subjective failure – as in […]