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Gearing Up For Composing

Since deciding to become a mini Hans Zimmer, I’ve realised that it’s not exactly that cheap. I’ve always been a big believer in buying good quality products – in theory they last longer, and you’re able to give yourself a wee bit of a competitive advantage. But where do you begin? That was the question I faced […]

“A Tale Of Death”

Grim ~ A Tale Of Death,  is a Web Series originating from Wales based around the contextual world of Grim Reapers, from writer/director Lewis Mcregor. It was a no-brainer therefore, that I create a very eerie sounding theme song for them. Initially I wrote the cue for this on my iPad using GarageBand, and then produced the […]

Writing A “Grim” Film Score

A while back these Indie Filmmakers from Wales caught my attention. They’re trying to create a really cool web series and are, as all indie filmmakers are, underfunded. They’ve got an indiegogo crowd-funding campaign running trying to raise funds so they can actually go ahead and create a masterpiece. I decided to help them along […]


My Atychiphobia

It’s taken me a long time to figure this out, but I’ve been riddled with a phobia that’s actually stunted me my whole life – the fear of failure, or as is technically called: Atychiphobia. Of course when you think about it, failure is either subjective or objective. Some people only have issues with subjective failure – as in […]