The Killing – Audibly Brilliant & Visually Stunning

I seem to be stumbling onto some rather decent series lately – regardless of how morbid and dark they may be. I’ve already discussed Hannibal and it’s use of color-theory that makes it one of the best series to look at at the moment. The Killing is another gem I’ve discovered, thanks to Giovanni Ghignone’s recommendation. What makes […]


Color Theory & Hannibal

Today I’d like to talk about color theory in film & photography. I’m not going to explain color theory in-depth – you can Google that if you’re really interested. Instead, I’m just going to highlight it’s importance when it comes to photography and film, because it’s something most people seem to completely forget about. Paying […]


Find Your “Wilson”

STEP 1 – Cut The Negatives It may seem obvious, but here’s a little reminder: If you want to be successful and happy, surround yourself with positive people. I’m not talking about people that are upbeat and happy (don’t worry, they’re important too), but rather I’m referring to people that cause a positive change in […]