I’m not really big into “about me” pages. I find them tedious to write, and extremely fake when I read them. The best way to find out who I am, or what makes me tick, is to ask a friend of mine, or listen to my work. Or just invite me for a coffee.

It doesn’t matter where I’ve come from, or where I’m going – everything you want to know about me is in the music I write. I know that sounds super ‘hipster’, but it’s true. I haven’t had musical training, and I can’t read music – the sounds that I make, come from somewhere other than musical theory. I was designed to be creative, and my music is part of that creativeness.

Sure, some people know me as an actor, or an author. To others I’m a voice over guy. Some will know me as a musician, a songwriter, or a singer. Some will call me a film composer, while others will call me a filmmaker. Some will know me as none of those things, and others as any combination of them.  But for me, who you are is not defined by your abilities, any more than a bird is defined as an animal that can fly. It is in your actions that you are defined. Your respect, your kindness, your love. Those are things I would be happy to be defined by.

Tony Anderson refers to himself as a Sonic Architect. It’s also somewhat ‘hipster’ sounding, but he’s right in what he’s saying. As a craft, a composer is someone who writes music, but an architect is someone who designs places people get to call ‘home’. There’s a feeling attached to that, and that feeling is what I try to invoke when I weave sounds together, into what we’d call ‘music’. It is only through my love for film that I focus on writing music that elevates visuals, but I won’t write a single sound for something I don’t believe it. I am not a factory – I am a tailor. And everyday I am still learning.

In everything write, I share a piece of myself – frustion, pain, anger, fear, love, happiness, excitement – it is simply an extension of myself in sound, and it leaves me vulnerable. 


This list is copied from @iaanvn’s awesome blog, who copied it from @jbagley’s awesome blog (the idea of the list, not the items on it).

  • Build my own House
  • Own a Farm
  • Save a Life
  • See the Northern lights
  • See the 7 Wonders of the world
  • Give away a House
  • Have 2 or 3 kids
  • Make an iPhone app
  • Present a TED talk
  • Send someone to University
  • Win an Oscar
  • Act in a Hollywood film
  • Act in a TV Series
  • Score a major Hollywood film
  • Score an Amanda Evans film
  • Write a Novel
  • Write a Screenplay that becomes a Hollywood Film
  • Voice Actor for a Pixar Animation
  • Rent a Ferrari for the weekend
  • Sky Dive
  • Drive a sports car on a Race Track
  • Learn to play the Violin/Cello
  • Learn a Martial Art