The Killing – Audibly Brilliant & Visually Stunning

killingI seem to be stumbling onto some rather decent series lately – regardless of how morbid and dark they may be. I’ve already discussed Hannibal and it’s use of color-theory that makes it one of the best series to look at at the moment.

The Killing is another gem I’ve discovered, thanks to Giovanni Ghignone’s recommendation. What makes this series a must watch? While the colors are also pretty awesome, they’re more of a total grade than meticulous color-theory, but where Hannibal excels visually, The Killing (although it too is visually stunning) is very much audio-king.

Evoking The Senses

I’m not sure if Seattle really does have that much rain, but it rains a lot in this series – about 75% of the time I’d say…

Rain is something we immediately associate a feeling to – and in one word, it’s depressive. Of course it really does depend on the type of rain. A short burst, or a quick downpour never hurt, but when the skies are grey with low-hanging cloud, combined with persistent, soft rain, it’s a recipe for dull, and dreary.


Why is this a good thing? Well when your series is about an unsolved murder, surrounding the devastation of a family and the angst of the detective trying to solve the case, it makes for fantastic ambiance. Virtually every scene has a patter of rain or flowing water in it, and along with the fantastic, eerie music, it’s overwhelmingly obvious that this is a deeply disturbing murder for the entire town.

Of course I’m not saying you should watch the series because the sound of rain is depressing – instead I’m simply pointing out the icing on the cake. The cake itself is masterfully crafted, with fine ingredients and a delicious flavor.

What does that mean in English? The acting is top-notch, with a clever, clever storyline, that twists and wriggles like the severed tale of a lizard, keeping you glued to the screen in anticipation to see if your murder-mystery theories turn out to be true.


One last thing before you go – The Killing is actually a remake of the original Danish series entitled ‘Forbrydelsen’, which is Danish for “The Crime”. Apparently it’s phenomenal, and while I’m yet to see it, if you’re one of those peeps who has to watch the original first, I’d suggest you watch that before you watch AMC’s American equivalent.

Happy viewing.


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