Find Your “Wilson”

STEP 1 – Cut The Negatives

It may seem obvious, but here’s a little reminder: If you want to be successful and happy, surround yourself with positive people.

I’m not talking about people that are upbeat and happy (don’t worry, they’re important too), but rather I’m referring to people that cause a positive change in YOU.

That positive change may be as small as making you feel better about yourself, or as big as helping you achieve your dreams, but either way, with only a certain number of hours in your day, you should be surrounding yourself with positive people.

It goes without saying that people who lift your mood, give you sound advice, or simply just make you feel like you’re not alone, cause a positive influence in your life that will help you be a happier person, and a more successful one at that.

On the flip side, you know that negative people (and I’m not just talking about obsessively depressed people) will do the opposite to you. I’m talking about the kind that perhaps subtly belittle you, or constantly moan about society, or irritate you, or don’t support your hobbies etc etc. The more time you spend with people like that, the more likely you are to be unhappy, and less successful. And sadly, our lives are filled with people like that.

Of course, I don’t need to tell you what you need to do to solve this – you know the answer to that: Don’t waste your precious time spending it with negative people, no matter who they are, colleagues, friends, or even family. You need to cut them loose. But often it’s harder than you think, especially when it involves people you know well, like friends and family.

What you need to understand, is that as you get older, the time you have to interact with people diminishes due to the responsibilities of work and family – so my advice is to spend it on people who’ll make you feel like you can achieve anything.


Find Your “Wilson”

STEP 2 – Be The Positive

Now, with that said, it’s no good just taking positive vibes – you need to emanate them too. Otherwise you’re just being selfish.

So, make sure YOU’RE a positive influence on other people’s lives. Always.

That is all.