Getting Emoticons on your iPhone without installing the “Emoji” app

While you may think that emoticons are really just for girls, I happen to think they’re fairly useful and help to elevate a boring sms to something more worthwhile.

Most people think they have to download an app called Emoji, but you don’t have to! One day – extremely bored – I was burrowing through the iPhone menus when I came across a little goldmine :) Turns out you don’t need Emoji at all. The smileys are already on your phone – you just have to enable them!


Go to: settings > general > keyboard > international keyboards > add new keyboard. Just scroll down until you find Emoji and select it.

And that is as simple as it gets. All you have to do is go to iMessage or Whatsapp, and start typing a message. When you want to add an emoticon, simply touch the “network/world/whatever-it-is” icon next to the “123” that’s at the bottom left of your screen – the Emoji keyboard will pop up and you can add smileys and pics to you hearts content.

When you’re done with the emoticons, just tap the “world” icon again and you’re back to your keyboard. #Boom.

Don’t say I never did anything for you ;)

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      Hi Judith. If you use whatsapp to cross-message, there shouldn’t be a problem. I message my friends on android devices all the time and they never have a problem in viewing the emoticons.

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      Hi Sarah. That’s weird. It should be there. But if it’s not and you can’t update your phone over the air, you’ll either need to update it via iTunes by plugging it in and choosing “update software”. If you can’t do that, take your phone in to a Genius Bar or Apple Store for some assistance :)

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