iPhoneography // The Abridged Edition!

If you looked at my previous post and thought it was WAY too long to bother reading, then you’ve come to the right place! This abridged version is simply going to call a spade, a spade and of course will require you to trust me, without explanation.

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Otherwise read on to find out more on iPhone photography also known as iPhoneography.

  1. GET AN IPHONE: Simply put, it’s way easier to use than a DSLR, cheaper, and you can edit and upload your photos straight from the phone. Simple as that.
  2. APPSTORE: The Apple Appstore has a ridiculous amount of Apps for all kinds of photography – don’t be shy to buy and try.
    1. Camera+ – Great advanced camera app. Definitely worth it.
    2. Instagram – Awesome camera and photo community app.
    3. Pro HDR – Epic app for high dynamic range photography that takes two images at different exposures and merges them.
    4. Snapseed – Easy to use, powerful editing app.
    5. FilterStorm – Somewhat tricky to use, really powerful editing app.
    6. Lensflare – Adds lensflare effcts to you photos – one of my favorites.
    7. Photosynth – Panormic/3D photography app from Micorsoft – useful for panoramics.
    8. Diptic – Awesome montage app that lets you put multiple pictures together in a single frame.
    9. Halftone – Nice for adding text and cool borders to your photos for that “cartoon” feel.
    10. FxF by JOBY – Timelapse app – as simple as that.
    11. Timelapse  Helper – Helps you calculate the number of photos you’ll need to take, given a specific time frame and interval period.
    1. Take photo with Pro HDR & tweak some basic settings until you think it rocks.
    2. Import to Snapseed, adjust basic settings again (don’t forget to add ambience), add sharpening detail.
    3. Possibly import to Lensflare for a nice addition to the sun.
    4. Import to Instagram, add hashtags (#nature) & upload.
  6. CONCLUSION: The most important piece of advice I can give you  is simply to go out and shoot. If you’re not shooting, you’re not capturing, you’re not learning, and you have nothing to show for your fancy new iPhone sitting on your desk.
If this was WAY to simplified, just read the full post :)

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